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About TBI


The TBI company was founded in 1992 and is one of Ukraine's first players in the interior fashion market. For over twenty years, TBI has been a leader in three key areas: decorative materials (Novacolor and Giorgio Graesan & Friends), cornices and sun protection systems (Mottura), and high-quality European textiles.

The updated website of our company is now not only an information and information portal but also a full-fledged online store where you can buy paints and plasters, cornices and roller blinds, in general, all goods in the three main areas of our company's activities.

Why us?

  • more than 25 years of experience in the Ukrainian market;
  • direct exclusive deliveries of NOVACOLOR and GIORGIO GRAESAN brands;
  • the broadest range of effects, textures, and finishing options;
  • the most comprehensive range (more than 400) of cornice and sun protection systems;
  • almost limitless possibilities in sun protection and window decoration;
  • interior and facade solutions for residential and commercial facilities;
  • from retail to exclusive solutions for objects of any nature;
  • own team of experienced decorators;
  • we carry out a complete cycle of work from the idea to the turnkey implementation;
  • competitive prices and flexible terms of cooperation;
  • complete information and consulting support for the client;
  • sale and installation on a turnkey basis throughout Ukraine and the CIS;
  • warranty and post-warranty service;

Made by our materials:

The direction "decorative materials" appeared in the portfolio of the Company "TBI," not by chance. Even at the beginning of their activity, it became apparent that architects and designers in Ukraine do not have a complete set of tools for the implementation and implementation of their projects; therefore, the direction of "paint and plaster" is an urgent need for the market of that time, which, as we see, does not fade away with for years. Wall decor shapes the interior, creating a backdrop or environment, a shell for everything in the room.

Even in the first years of its activity, the TBI Company determined its priorities, focusing on the quality and high level of the products supplied. Even then, Italian finishing materials, or instead manufacturing companies, were presented at European exhibitions by a reasonably wide range of participants. Still, by chance, partnerships and friendly relations were formed with industry leaders, and for almost 20 years, we have been exclusively presenting in the territory of Ukraine, Giorgio Graesan & Friends (Italy), and Novacolor (Italy). The products of these two brands in tandem offer a full range of decorative and finishing materials (primers, paints, plasters, protective materials, waxes, microcements) for interiors and facades of residential and commercial premises in a wide variety of styles, allowing you to create incredibly original and unique decorative finishes and decorative textures.

In addition, these two brands confirm that decorative art has already gone far beyond the concept of "wall decor," as modern technologies can significantly expand the scope of decorative finishes. Now paints and plasters can easily replace tiles in bathrooms, common floor coverings in residential and commercial interiors, and all kinds of slab materials to create, for example, all types of work surfaces, countertops, furniture, etc. Also, NOVACOLOR and Giorgio Graesan's finishing materials make it possible not to imitate but to reproduce such natural effects as rust, copper oxide, patina, and many others. Another area of the company's activity is cornices, cornice, and sun protection systems. Given the frequent requests from designers and architects for shading and sun protection of non-standard windows, it was decided to develop this direction and be able to provide any solution in the field of window design. In solving such problems, we are helped by the MOTTURA company (Italy), which we have been exclusively representing on the territory of Ukraine since 1997.

Mottura has been a world leader in window decoration and sun protection since 1963 and a manufacturer of more than 150 models of curtain rods and sun protection systems, including functional profile curtain rods, decorative curtain rods, electric curtain rods, roller blinds, blinds, dormers, and unique curtain rod systems for complex window structures.

The company "TBI" is a full range of Mottura products in Kyiv, with a robust production base and more than 15 years of experience in the implementation of residential and commercial projects of any complexity, from the standard equipment of objects with cornices and curtains and up to the individual development of curtain systems for a specific project. All cornices and roller blinds, including electric cornices, roller blinds, and complex attic systems, are made in Kyiv in 1-3 working days from the date of order confirmation, and delivery and installation are carried out throughout Ukraine.

Of course, offering curtain rods, we, as a company, could not pass by such a direction as fabrics and textiles, and then we began to deal with curtains. The world of materials is so vast that many try to offer everything possible that more or less deserves attention. From the very beginning, TBI decided to create its limited collection of fabrics, which has no analogs and includes only selected textiles from the best European manufacturers and collectors. The advantage is that we do not have the same or similar articles, as well as those fabrics that initially do not suit us in terms of characteristics, quality, etc. All the latest designs from such famous brands as Fischbacher, SACHO, AGENA, CASAMANCE, CASTELLO DEL BARRO, JAB, and NYA NORDISKA are presented in our VOGUE INTERIORS showroom.

Why is it exciting and profitable for us? We are a stable company with a history that constantly keeps abreast of interior fashion, introducing the latest innovations and developing new, relevant technologies. Many years of experience and professionalism are what distinguish us from others.

Suppose you are the owner of a beautiful apartment, house or office and want to create and bring to life an unsurpassed and high-quality interior. In that case, we will be happy to help you because high-quality wall decor (decorative paints and plasters), textile design, and window decoration (cornices and curtains), and See also >Professional sun protection is our specialty: only the best and only high-quality solutions at very competitive conditions.

If you are also engaged in this activity, run your curtain salon or professionally sell decorative materials (decor salon), or are a decorator - let's cooperate! We offer excellent conditions for the products of Italian brands MOTTURA, NOVACOLOR, and GIORGIO GRAESAN, which we exclusively represent on the territory of Ukraine. Direct deliveries, only a high-quality and original product, and the constant availability of products in stock and shipments throughout Ukraine by national carriers will allow you to develop and earn money together, so join us! We invite you to go to the "Cooperation" section and fill out a short contact form so that our staff will contact you and offer the most convenient format for cooperation.

We have prepared individual conditions for cooperation for architects and designers, ensuring full involvement in such magical processes as decorative finishing and window decoration. Only a unique approach and maximum attention to detail is our principle.

To choose wall finishes for a project, we offer a wide range of effects, finishes, and textures, as well as ready-made samples with natural colors, which significantly simplifies the selection of paint and plaster. According to your sketch, developing unique decors is another of our unique opportunities because the range of materials offered erases all boundaries. Any of your wall decor ideas can be embodied even in several interpretations. So, for example, such popular decorative textures as "concrete," "formwork," "and rust" are already equally familiar to professionals, like Venetian plaster, travertine, and silk. Still, few take the liberty of combining decors and creating unsurpassed decorative textures. , such as "metal sheet with rust," "oxidized copper," "golden patina," and many others. Visiting our showroom, "VOGUE INTERIORS," you will understand how unpredictable and charming wall decor can be because decorative materials are not just plaster colors - they are a tool for creating inimitable interiors with individual faces and character.

Designers and architects will like our approach to window decoration and textile design because Mottura cornices make it possible to decorate any, even the most complex, non-standard windows. Our replenished collection of branded fabrics will impress a person with good taste. Visiting European professional exhibitions, we update the supply of materials for curtains 3-4 times a year, adding all the latest innovations in the textile industry and demonstrating the general trends in interior fashion.

The terms of cooperation with architects and designers can be found in the Cooperation section.