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Facade paint - one of the ways to radically change the colour of the walls of the interior and facade, this material, in most cases, does not need any special decorating skills and is very simple to work with. It is enough to follow the recommendations and application technology to obtain the desired painting result.

This happens in most cases, but not when it comes to designer paints that are strictly designed for specific purposes:

  • imitation of effects on the walls (leather, velvet, silk, linen, etc.);
  • finish effect layers;
  • using metallics to create corrosion and oxidation effects (decorative rust, oxidized copper, aged and patina walls);

In such cases, it is necessary to use professional and designer materials that will be used on the interiors and facades of top and fashion objects.

Decorative wall paints have long ceased to give the surface a certain colour but have become an important decor element and can be used in various finishing materials. This allows you to create vintage and exclusive decors that can satisfy the tastes and whims of any client. Thanks to the NOVACOLOR range, we can match the decor to any interior. These are always universal materials that combine the traditions of Rome, the Middle Ages, the Italian Renaissance, and modern industrial science and technology achievements, affecting the ease of application and teamwork with the material.

NOVACOLOR is a world-famous brand, which is reflected in the quality and longevity of the decor. Their products are so diverse that they fit under almost any surface. To create three-dimensional and embossed textures, mainly decorative plasters are taken as the basis, the assortment of which you can find in the corresponding section of our website, and paints are mainly used for thin-layer decors and finishes.

All thin-layer finishing materials from NOVACOLOR are easy to apply, allowing you to create the desired decor or texture easily. The total range of the two brands we offer is many times greater than the offer that exists today. Italian paints and finishes Novacolor are the undoubted market leaders in decorative and finishing products not only in Ukraine but also in the world, which characterizes these two manufacturers as market leaders with the most modern technologies in decorative finishing.

Buy facade paint for walls in Kyiv and Ukraine

High-quality Italian water-dispersion paints and finishing materials, of course, cannot be compared in price with materials of lower quality. Still, the difference in effect, environmental friendliness and performance is incomparable.

It is not enough to buy decorative paints and apply a textured effect; first of all, it is important to understand the purpose of the purchased materials and the final result that can be achieved with their help. The type of room where the paint will be used and its performance also play an important role in the selection of materials for the finishing decor of the room. Buy facade paint through our online store and in the VOGUE INTERIORS showroom, where all products and finishes are presented in samples; you can also choose the finishing decor (texture) according to live samples in volume.

For our customers and partners, we are ready to offer European quality and very competitive prices.

By purchasing NOVACOLOR products, you get:

  • European product, selected exclusively for the features of your interior;
  • competitive price;
  • quality confirmed by the history of these brands;
  • comprehensive information about its properties, application to the surface and other characteristics;
  • information support of our managers.

Or enter “TBI company” into the search engine, where our company's website, which is the exclusive representative of these brands in Ukraine, will be displayed.

The delivery of our branded products is carried out in all cities of Ukraine (Lviv, Kharkiv, Mariupol, Odesa, Dnipro, Kryvyi Rih), where there are representative offices of Nova Poshta; you can get facade paint in Kyiv, both by courier delivery and self-pickup in our office on Gogolevskaya 23.

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Чудовий фасадний матеріал, можна наносити краскопультом, різноманітні металічні переливи на фасаді
Приятный материал, фасадная краска качественная и при нанесении проблем не возникло
Материал можно использовать не только на стенах, но и на предметах, фигурках...
Отличная краска для старения стен "под медь" или декоры под коррозию металов
Кому еще не надоела ржавчина на фасаде, как декор - идеальный вариант. Проста в применении, справится и начинающий, если все по инструкции делать будет.
Чудова фасадна фарба, наносив краскопультом, результат дуже порадував. Просто і невибагливо
Классная фасадная краска под золото для экстерьеров
Якісне відтворення іржі майже на будь-якій поверхні, дуже сподобалось, реалізували купу ідей
Очень хороший тонкослой!
Очень понравилось! Под купол храма