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Microcement Novacolor - top materials from Italy

Microcement is a modern and high-tech decorative and finishing material that is widely used in wall and floor surfaces in the loft, and hi-tech and minimalist interiors, which are so popular in modern design.

The creators of the technology are the Argentines. Still, the NOVACOLOR company (Italy) was the first company in Europe to introduce micro-cement into its range and offer mass use in premises of various types. Currently, the Italian company Novacolor has the widest range of materials for applying micro concrete to any surface, with the ability to recreate almost any finishing decor in the interior and on the facade.

Why our microcement?

  • premium quality brand NOVACOLOR (Italy);
  • separate system for objects of a certain type;
  • the possibility of interior and facade applications;
  • the presence of three finishes: matt, satin and gloss;
  • unlimited variety of textures and colors;
  • competitive prices and favorable terms of cooperation;

Modern microcement is not just plastered but a complex of materials, including two-component ones, where each product has its purpose and a strictly established application method.

Microcement technology has a vast scope:

  • decoration of walls and other vertical and horizontal surfaces in interiors;
  • decorative finish of floors and stairs;
  • finishing the facades of residential and commercial buildings, as well as small architectural forms in the interior and on the facade;
  • finishing countertops, aprons and bar counters;

To be able to provide the most effective way to use the Wall2Floor system, regardless of the situation and technical specifications, NOVACOLOR has developed five special material complexes (URBAN, COMMERCIAL, OFFICE, OUTDOOR, WELLNESS), each of which is the most effective in its use case.

As for the decorative component, the Wall2Floor system from Novacolor allows you to achieve various decorative effects, such as decorative concrete, travertine, seamless stone, Roman stone and others, that is, almost the same effects as when working with ordinary decorative plaster of a similar nature, but with improved performance.

the most common and sought-after decor is the substantial effect, created using the W2FTopCoat finishing plaster in dark grey tones inherent in natural concrete. Depending on the method of application, you can create textures with the effect of formwork, streaks and traces of rust - everything is limited only by your imagination and the specialization of the master decorator.

It is important that with the WALL2FLOOR system, you can vary the colour or decorative finish and the type of finish, choosing between matte, satin or glossy finishes.

The standard colour scheme consists of more than 60 colours presented in the original Wall2Floor catalogue. If necessary, it is allowed to tint the plaster in the colours of other lime-based materials, but a colour difference is allowed.

Micro cement in the bathroom

Microcement is a marvel for bathroom design, transforming it into a space of elegance and modernity. This material impresses with its unsurpassed texture and colour, giving a unique ball to the interior. Thanks to its smooth surface, micro cement creates a visual effect of space and light, giving the bathroom freshness and elegance.

Microcement's unique feature is its ability to be waterproof, making it an ideal material for bathrooms. Its resistance to moisture and wear ensures a long service life without losing quality and beauty. Microcement is easy to clean and has a high Friday resistance, which allows you to maintain impeccable cleanliness and hygiene in the bathroom.

The unlimited design possibilities provided by Microcement allow you to create a unique bathroom interior style. Micro cement fits seamlessly into any concept, from minimalist modern design to traditional classic style. It applies on walls, floors, and showers, giving elegance and character to every bathroom detail. Microcement is a real art that transforms an ordinary space into a piece of design, giving an unforgettable feeling of comfort and luxury.

Main advantages of micro cement technology:

  • A limitless range of textures and colours is the key to the popularity of micro cement technology for wall and floor surfaces in residential and commercial premises and the implementation of almost any creative idea.
  • A wide range of applications in the interior and the facade.
  • Absolute moisture resistance, which makes it possible to use Wall2Floor micro cement in rooms with high humidity and where there will be a constant directional ingress of water. W2F can be applied instead of tiles not only on the floor but also in bathrooms, inside showers, on aprons and countertops and on other surfaces subject to constant exposure to water and moisture.
  • Increased wear resistance compared to other decorative and finishing materials and plasters, which makes micro cement technology so popular for use on floors of residential and commercial premises. At the same time, we strongly do not recommend comparing the decorative floor with porcelain stoneware or tiles in terms of wear resistance, as these are completely different materials with different tasks and properties
  • Repairability of floors according to the Wall2Floor system from NOVACOLOR is one of the key advantages of the material compared to self-levelling floors and other analogues on the market.
  • The versatility in the use of micro cement technology lies in the possibility of applying it to almost any surface, including such complex coatings as natural stone, porcelain stoneware, tiles, etc., which makes it possible, for example, to apply a decorative floor to existing porcelain stoneware without dismantling it .

The cost of micro cement is a rather abstract concept, as the price depends on several factors, including:

  • type of surface (wall, floor, ceiling) on which it is planned to apply the finish and its current state;
  • desired W2F finishing package;
  • type of finish, desired texture and colour;
  • decorative trim volume.

In truth, a significant value of the mass formation of the price of micro cement is the volume of natural decorative finishes, since when working on large volumes, the reduction in the possibility of producing the entire mass of packaging has a cost.

Applying Novacolor microcement

The application of micro cement is a rather time-consuming and responsible process, although not particularly remarkable from the effect of decorative plaster. The most important thing in working with Wall2Floor is the essence of the technology and following the instructions. If micro cement is applied to walls, then treat the entire surface of the entire surface in 3 cycles of work: primers + application of two layers of Wall2FloorTopCoat plaster or RASAL base material, depending on the desired result. For the system of materials for the floor, a little more experience and the production of works will already have at least 6-7 fibres. If we have previously performed work with the appearance of plaster on large surfaces, then with almost 100% probability, we can complete that it will not have problems with forming the Wall2Floor system, regardless of the type of surface and the selected set of finishes.

To identify the signs of micro cement on their own, a brief step-by-step reaction is suggested to obtain a positive result simply and quickly:

  1. Prepare absorbent surface with NOVAPRIMER. When registering for the use of non-absorbent horizontal surfaces, primer Athena
  2. After dry primers (6-8 hours), pay special attention to the first coat of RASAL base plaster reinforced with fibreglass mesh
  3. After completely drying the finely dispersed layer, the composite second layer of RASAL plaster and creating the desired texture when choosing a budget finishing complex.
  4. With a budget finishing complex, all that remains is to open the dried decor with Wall2FloorClearFinish, applied in 2-3 layers.

You can buy micro cement in Kyiv by visiting our VOGUEINTERIORS showroom, where you can see the finished decor live and choose textures and colours according to your design project. The Wall2Floor material system is presented in our showroom as floor coverings and in the staircase, tables and countertops department, backsplashes and window sills. the Volume of our exhibition, we assume that the choice of finishes and textures for decorating will be easy and relaxed.

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