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Italian blinds for windows (Mottura)

Window blinds are a special, probably the most atmospheric and luxurious way to functionally design window openings in residential or commercial buildings in a modern or classic style. The traditional concept of wooden blinds will appeal to lovers of functional minimalism, and slats made of natural materials with a huge selection of colours and collections will satisfy even the most demanding consumer.

Quality solutions from European suppliers offer mechanisms with lamella widths from 16 mm to 90 mm and the ability to produce finished products with dimensions L= up to 360 cm and H= up to 420 cm.

Narrow lamellas with a width of 16 to 25 mm are suitable for decorating small windows or glass partitions, and wide ones (50-90 mm) are an ideal solution for large rooms with high ceilings and a lot of glazing.

As for control, as with all other curtain systems, here you can choose manual (cord) or automatic (button, remote control, smart home) control.

Corded control is perfect for small-sized products, as well as in cases where the blinds are attached to the window frame (sash). As for automated solutions, electric blinds will be indispensable in facilities with many windows or where the glazing area is quite large, or the task is to automate sun protection and connect it to the smart home automation system. By the way, thanks to the high-tech solutions of our European suppliers, for automation systems, we can offer an electric drive based on low-current control or basic “phase” control, which allows us to connect our mechanisms to any automation system.

What are the benefits?

This type of sun protection system has a number of characteristics and advantages that are unique to them because blinds made from Canadian linden or Abacha are:

  • hypoallergenic sun protection tool with good performance characteristics;
  • a convenient companion for other wooden elements in the interior;
  • creates a unique sun protection atmosphere;
  • compact and minimalistic method of curtaining;
  • an effective tool for sun protection and light darkening, which can also provide complete privacy in the room;
  • allows you to curtain large openings;

Among other things, you can choose any control method (a cord, remote control, “smart home”), mounting (ceiling, wall, “on frame”), as well as the most suitable colour and collection of wood - hibachi (a valuable type of wood, growing in tropical regions of Africa) or bamboo(bamboo).

Features of our products

To manufacture our systems, we use high-quality components exclusively from European suppliers, and all collections are selected solutions from apache wood and premium bamboo supplied from Europe. We do not use Canadian linden or Asian components, so our product significantly differs from the majority presented on the Ukrainian market.

Thanks to our modern production, the use of the best equipment and many years of experience, quality control occurs at all stages, from the moment of cutting the lamellas to size to the assembly of the product and its packaging, therefore, any distortions of the mechanisms, cracks or chips in the lamellas or any other - other negative nuances.

A distinctive feature of our products is also the painted edges of the lamellas, regardless of colour and collection, which makes the product complete and complete.

Blinds for HoReCa

We are one of the few who can offer blinds for HoReCa facilities, which are distinguished by fire-resistant wood impregnation and improved performance characteristics, as well as resistance to frequent maintenance. Non-flammable or fire-resistant blinds for windows in commercial premises (hotels, restaurants, cafes, bars) are an excellent way to stylishly complete the design of a room stylishly, complying with all the requirements of the hotel and restaurant industry.

Price of blinds

When choosing sun protection systems, you should not focus on the cheapest options because this may indicate the low quality of the product. Also, do not forget that the material and width of the slats play a fundamental role in the cost of the finished system, so Abacha blinds will always be more expensive than the same mechanisms made from bamboo or Canadian linden (basswood). Italian blinds can cost from several hundred to several thousand US dollars (euros) per product, and the quality and durability of the systems justify this price.

Buy blinds for windows: range, cost and delivery

Discover a variety of blinds in our online store that meet various requirements and styles. From classic vertical to modern horizontal models, here you will find the perfect solution for every window.

Don't know which blinds are best to choose? Use our convenient filtering function to select the ideal blinds, or contact our specialists via the contact form on the website or by phone for professional advice.

Our team of experts is always ready to advise you, help you choose the most suitable blinds, calculate the required dimensions and estimate the total cost of your order.

We provide fast and reliable delivery of blinds to major cities of Ukraine, including Kyiv, Kharkiv, Lviv, Odesa and others. We also offer international delivery to the Baltic countries and Poland, working with trusted logistics partners.

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Reviews: Blinds for windows

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Кайфую от дерева!)) Жалюзи очень классные! Дороговато, но оно того стоит
Все сподобалось! Виглядають шикарно, вибрали ручне керування
Виглядають дуже дорого і красиво, вибрали темний колір, управління брали просте - на шнурі.
Типичные жалюзи, но итальянского качества с выбором управления (от ручного до пульт или умный дом), универсальные - для дома и офиса.
Вийшло дуже затишно і комфортно! Якість дерева надзвичайна! Для всіх любителів деревяних жалюзі - знахідка!
Качественный и стильный продукт, можно выбрать цвет и ширину ламелей
Цікава модель дерев''яних жалюзі, різноманіття кольорів та способів управління, близько 12ти можливих кольорів.
Деревянные жалюзи для всех любителей серого оттенка, брали на ручном управлении, хотя можно и автоматизировать.
Коштовне дерево і стиль! Дорогий мінімалізм, від ручного управління до смарт хаус! Шикарно!