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Wooden blinds - Price and installation in Kyiv and Ukraine

Italian wooden blinds | The best collections of wooden blinds Mottura and TBI

Are you looking for a stylish and durable window treatment option? Wooden blinds are an excellent solution that does not lose relevance over time. The design of wooden blinds allows for the proper level of light darkening and privacy, and dosed control over the penetrating light flux by simply turning the slats is equally effective on windows of large and small sizes.

There are many wooden blinds on the market called “wooden blinds for windows,” but the Italian company Mottura and TBI present a completely unique design and product that can surprise and satisfy the whims of designers and architects for their projects, as well as clients who love beauty, quality, and style in their homes.

Advantages: why choose Mottura horizontal wooden blinds?

  • hypoallergenic sun protection tool with good performance characteristics;
  • made of valuable wood (Basswood and Abacha wood);
  • a convenient companion for other natural wood elements in the interior;
  • creates a unique sun protection atmosphere;
  • a compact and minimalistic way to curtain wooden blinds;
  • an effective tool for sun protection and light darkening, which can also provide complete privacy in the interior;
  • advantages: allows you to curtain large openings;

Available widths and shapes of lamellas for wooden blinds (25 mm - 50 mm)

The higher the level of the product, the more opportunities it has. This also applies to wooden blinds. Depending on the collection you choose, the systems are offered with slats ranging from 16 to 90 mm wide, made from various natural and artificial materials. All primary and budget solutions are mainly provided with slat widths of 25 mm and 50 mm, and systems made of Abacha wood and bamboo (premium bamboo) are often available to order with slat widths of 16 mm, 35 mm, 50 mm, 65 mm, 70 mm and 90 mm. As for the thickness of the slats of wooden blinds, bamboo blinds (premium bamboo) usually range from 2 to 2.5 mm, and in the case of using abacha, it is 3 mm.

As for the product's shape, the straight lamella is the most popular and is available in all widths, but there are also solutions based on the “C”-shaped lamella with a width of 70 and 90 mm, which look great when decorating large windows.

These sizes of wooden blind slats will allow you to curtain not only a residential or commercial space but also basswood wooden blinds and abbacies for a gazebo or terrace, which will not become something unusual for our clients. Measurements for blinds can be carried out by our specialist or by the client himself. After the order and measurement, the takduction of blinds with slats takes approximately two weeks. Delivery depends on the tariffs and work schedules of carriers.

Control options for wooden blinds

Like most other curtain systems, Basswood and Abbachi wooden blinds have mechanical and automatic controls.

When choosing manual wooden blinds, the system comes with a cord or chain drive, providing excellent functionality even at close to maximum sizes.

To ensure maximum comfort, consider electric wooden blinds with remote control using a remote control, wired button or smart home automation system. Automation is indispensable when designing large window openings and in areas where access to the mechanism is difficult or impossible.

For motorization, internal shaft drives are used, powered by a 220V network and controlled “in phase” (3 wires), via a remote control (using a built-in radio receiver) or “low current” (5 wires). The motors used have good power and low rotation speed, which is very convenient for the functional use of blinds and turning the slats at the desired angle. Considering that large horizontal wooden blinds have quite a lot of weight, automation is practically irreplaceable in this case.

Possible options for attaching wooden blinds made of wood

This type of curtain has significant advantages and several admirers due to the relatively compact size of the box and various installation options. Universal brackets for ceiling and wall mounting with fixation of the box using rotatable brackets, commonly called “helicopters,” are available for order. They are installed in increments of every 40-80 cm in width, depending on the weight and height of the finished product.

Also, all-electric wooden blinds are equipped by default with metal snap-on end covers, which can also act as brackets mounted to the wall, ceiling or end. This element adds strength to the system box and makes it possible to create attachment points on the edges of the mechanism.

Special compact brackets are available for this mounting option when installing the mechanism on the frame, along with additional mounting holes for cable guides that hold the blinds in the plane of the window when tilting and opening the sash.

Price for Mottura wooden blinds

High-quality horizontal wooden blinds basswood (Canadian linden) can serve as an accent or complementary element in the interior; therefore, to correctly select the collection and colour of your future custom-made product, you should see samples of systems and catalogues live, although you can also choose finishes and colours by the photo on the website.

The TBI company, being a full-fledged manufacturer of wooden blinds, has prepared a rather informative exhibition, where basswood and abbasi wooden blinds are presented along with leather and bamboo (premium bamboo) for ordering; you can choose the most suitable collection of systems for your tasks and work out the optimal combination of wood colours and cord mechanisms, as well as product packaging. Our showroom is called “VOGUE INTERIORS” and is located on the street in the centre of Kyiv. Gogolevskaya, 15 (sizeable arched showcase) operates as a full-fledged MOTTURA showroom with functional samples of all systems imported and produced by us, including horizontal blinds.

Buying basswood and abbasi wooden blinds in Kyiv is as easy as shelling pears - to place an order, you just need to contact us by phone numbers indicated in the header of our website or visit our showroom “VOGUE INTERIORS”, where over a cup of aromatic coffee our specialized specialists will help you choose and order high-quality wooden blinds for windows of any format or order horizontal wooden blinds in our online store.

In addition to wooden blinds, basswood and abbasi wooden blinds, we are ready to offer our clients the production of horizontal blinds, vertical blinds, bamboo blinds and leather blinds varieties of these products. All basswood and abbasi wooden blinds have an after-sales service guarantee for all widths, slats and 16 - 25 mm, -50 mm - 90 mm.

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Reviews: Wooden blinds - Price and installation in Kyiv and Ukraine

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