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Decorative paint Ironic Fondo

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Consumption: 0,2 л/кв.м в 2 слоя
Color variant All colors
Артикул: 00000
Application tool Brush
Country of origin Italy
Dilution with water No
Surface type Walls
Brand Novacolor
Material type Decorative paints
Packing option 1 л
2,5 л
Application consumption 0,2 л/кв.м в 2 слоя
Room type Facade
Surface type Textured / Embossed
For residential premises Balcony
Children's room
Wet rooms
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Natural rust effect, “Rusty wall” for interior and facade

Decorative finishing Ironic is a system of decorative materials from the company Novacolor (Italy), which allows you to recreate and not imitate decorative rust< /a> on any type of surface in the interior and facade. The decor of rusty walls is achieved thanks to the natural rusting process created by two components of the finishing system: Ironic Fondo (base material) and Ironic Liquido (rust activator) .

The basic decorative material, Ironic Fondo, is a water-based decorative paint with a high metal content, held together with acrylic binders. The metal particles in Ironic Fondo provide the proper basis for further oxidation and the development of rust.

As for Ironic Liquido, this is the second necessary and mandatory component for creating “rust” since it is Ironic Liquido that is responsible for the oxidation of the metal located in the base layer of Ironic Fondo.

The Ironic Liquido material is a kind of rust activator, which is essentially a completely fluid transparent liquid with a bluish tint and serves to impregnate and saturate the surface previously treated with the Ironic Fondo base material.

If we need to oxidize or “rust” bare ferrous metal that has not been subjected to any primer or painting, we can easily do this using only the Ironic Liquido activator, which will accelerate the oxidation of the metal, which in normal conditions rusts much longer under conditions. This option allows us to play with metal oxidation in modern architecture simply and without additional costs.

On non-metallic surfaces, the rust effect is created due to the content of the Ironic Fondo material in a large amount of metal, which, when abundantly impregnated and saturated with the Ironic Liquido activator, undergoes accelerated oxidation and creates natural rust on the surface being treated. It is the amount of Ironic Liquido material and the intensity of your work that you can regulate the saturation of rust and its effect. That is, the Ironic decor is the creation of natural rust and not its imitation.

The Ironic material system refers to thin-layer decorative materials. It can be used on any surface type and has a fairly simple application technology that does not require special skills.

It is important to note that to fix the rust effect, you must use acrylic Decofix, diluted depending on needs. Decofix can also serve as a primer for preparing the surface for the Ironic material system because limited absorption contributes to the faster and easier creation of “rust” on the treated surface.

The IRONIC material system is an excellent tool for creating decor with natural rust on any absorbent and non-absorbable surfaces very simply and quickly. Decorative paint Ironic is also trendy not only for wall decoration but also for decorating interior items, art objects, advertising structures and even facades. With this material, wall decor becomes a kind of art anyone can create.


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Кому еще не надоела ржавчина на фасаде, как декор - идеальный вариант. Проста в применении, справится и начинающий, если все по инструкции делать будет.

Decorative paint Ironic Fondo_65

Якісне відтворення іржі майже на будь-якій поверхні, дуже сподобалось, реалізували купу ідей

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Brand: Novacolor
Material type: Priming
Packing option: 1 л
5 л
15 л
Application consumption: 0,05 л/кв.м в 1 слой
Room type: Interior
Existence: In stock


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