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Corradi brand range


Corradi is an Italian brand specialising in creating innovative and functional outdoor spaces. Founded in 1978, Corradi produces a variety of systems for terraces, balconies and gardens that combine aesthetic appeal with ease of use.

The Corradi philosophy is based on creating a comfort zone in the outdoor environment, where a person can enjoy space and nature, regardless of weather conditions. The brand's engineers are constantly improving technologies and materials to create high-quality products that meet customers' highest demands.

Corradi offers a wide range of products, including glass roof systems, mobile awnings, outdoor kitchens, pavilions, and outdoor terrace areas. Each product meets the principles of ergonomics, design and functionality to satisfy the needs and tastes of customers.

The Corradi brand has high craftsmanship and attention to detail. The company combines traditional craftsmanship with innovative technology to create products that combine aesthetics with functionality. Each Corradi element is produced with great attention to quality and stylish design, which makes it unique and exclusive.

Thanks to its experienced team and deep understanding of customer needs, Corradi creates individual solutions that meet the requirements of each customer. The brand actively collaborates with architects, designers and industry professionals to provide the best solutions for creating cosy and comfortable outdoor spaces.

During its decades of activity, Corradi has established itself as a reliable Italian brand that combines quality, aesthetics and innovation. Its products add meaning and reveal the potential of outdoor spaces, creating a unique atmosphere of comfort and beauty.

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Reviews: Corradi brand range

Очень красиво, КАЧЕСТВЕННО и надежно, но удовольствие дорогое
Итальянское качество и стиль, ручное управление, пергола недостатков не показала
Шикарная пергола! Моторизированое управление, дизайн, стиль... Все шикарно!
Бюджетный варіант перголи, класна ціна для італійської перголи з такою якістю
Просто и надежно! Хорошая итальянская пергола с водоотводом и автоматизированным управлением
класика, коли хочеться більше простору, управління можна замовити як ручне, так і на пульті
пергола чудово вписалася коло водойми, характеристики теж на висоті
Превосходная итальянская пергола,очень довольны качествои и функционалом. Водоотвод, автоматизированное управление... все супер!
Очень внушительная пергола! Качество идеальное, как я люблю)
Весьма оригинальная штука)