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Marble plaster Spatula Stuhhi Classico

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Consumption: 0,85 кг/кв.м в 3 слоя
Color variant All colors
Артикул: 00000
Application tool Putty knife
Country of origin Italy
Dilution with water No
Surface type Walls
Brand Giorgio Graesan & Friends
Material type Decorative plasters
Packing option 2 кг
24 кг
8 кг
Application consumption 0,85 кг/кв.м в 3 слоя
Room type Interior
Surface type Matte effect
For residential premises Balcony
Children's room
Wet rooms
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Decorative art has a thousand-year history. The first decorative materials were created from exclusively natural ingredients: marble chips, clay, lime, and some other natural binders, ensuring the integrity of the material and suitability for manual application to surfaces. Venetian plaster is perhaps the first finishing material that appeared more than a thousand years ago and has hardly been changed to this day, at least according to the formula of Giorgio Graesan & Friends.

Venetian plaster Spatula Stuhhi is the company's first decorative and finishing material.l Giorgio Graesan & Friends, since 1987, decided to create eco-materials for wall decoration based on ancient recipes but focused on the needs of the modern market.

Spatula Stuhhi is a classic, 100% natural mineral Venetian plaster, applied according to the classic technology (in three layers), and has an excessive gloss and depth of effect. Venetian Spatula Stuhhi is created according to ancient recipes, without acrylic binders, and thanks to its composition and natural dyes from Giorgio Graesan & Friends, even in the darkest colors (S1SC or S1SD), the presence of acrylic binders in the colorized material does not exceed 0.1%, which indicates an absolute natural composition.

The classic effect of the Venetian decorative plaster Spatula Stuhhi Classico is a perfectly even, smooth, and shiny surface with a profound mirror effect and cross marks from the application tool (trowel). It is also possible to create alternative decorative products such as:

  • two-tone Venetian plaster
  • artistic Venetian
  • gold/silver Venetian plaster
  • effect "marbled" and many others.

To achieve alternative decorative effects, we recommend Oro Puro liquid gold and Oro Bianco silver, which allow you to create all kinds of metallics on Venetian plaster without distorting the gloss and smoothness.

Suppose it is necessary to protect Venetian plaster from moisture or harsh use. In that case, natural wax Cera del Vecchio by Giorgio Graesan & Friends should be used, which will ensure the preservation of the effect but also add some depth to the color and emphasize the effect.

Venetian plaster Spatula Stuhhi differs from its competitor in a noticeable advantage in the decorative effect because the depth of the effect and shine are the basis of the concept of "Venetian" and also surpass the "analogs" in terms of ease of application, operating costs and maintainability, because natural material is much more practical and lends itself to local restoration, even after several years.

Another advantage of the classic Venetian plaster Spatula Stuhhi Classico is the original color scheme, which, as you know, is the same for all Giorgio Graesan & Friends materials and is a unique selection of various colors and shades that not every manufacturer of decorative and finishing materials can boast of. It is also important to note that tinting does not take place on tinting equipment but manually, which makes it possible to tint Venetian plaster in color with just the suitable dye and medical syringe, using the formulas presented in each Giorgio Graesan & Friends catalog.

In addition to the concept of "eco-decor" and an exclusive collection of colors, Giorgio Graesan & Friends natural dyes provide another substantial competitive advantage - the price of tinting. The cost of coloring Venetian plaster Spatula Stuhhi in dark colors using original dyes is much lower than universal acrylic paints, which sometimes makes it possible to get a benefit of up to 30%.



Классная венецианка, очень много можно сделать и придумать


Материал хороший, но найдите адеватного мастера. Самому, без опыта, нанести вряд ли выйдет

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