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Decorative paint with silk effect Dune Opaco

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Артикул: 00000
Brand Novacolor
Country of origin Italy
For residential premises Balcony
Children's room
Wet rooms
Material type Decorative paints
Packing option 5 l
Room type Interior
Surface type Walls
Surface type Metallized
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Decorative paint with silk effect Dune Opaco

Decorative paint with silk effect is one of the most requested types of decorative materials not only in Ukraine, but all over the world. Despite the trends in interior fashion, silk effect paints occupy a leading position in sales among all paint and plaster manufacturers in Europe.

Initially, silk effects on the walls were invented by Italians, but now this type of product is present in the collections of not only Italian paint factories, but also manufacturers from Ukraine, Germany and Turkey.

NOVACOLOR company (Italy) was one of the first factories that presented thin-layer decorative paints with silk or velvet effects, and for more than 20 years its decorative paint called Dune has been a leader in sales not only in Europe, but also in Asia.
Dune is an acrylic-based metallized, thin-layer finishing material that allows you to create all sorts of silk and velvet effects in residential and commercial interiors.

Thanks to the popularity of the finishing effect and ease of application, the materia remain popular for years and meets the needs of all regional markets, brcause the factory offers 4 options for the bases:

  • Dune Silver (silver)
  • Dune Gold (gold)
  • Dune Opaco (matte base)
  • Dune Extra White (pure white base)

Dune Silver and Gold are already considered as classics in decoration, but matt metallic silk effect based on Dune Opaco is just beginning to gain popularity in the finishing of interiors of various styles and purposes.

Dune Opaco is a matt metallized paint with interesting shimmers and a finishing effect similar to silk, velvet, velour, and matt pearl effects.

This decorative paint is practically no different from other traditional Dune Silver and Gold, but has a slightly thicker consistency and must be diluted with water (up to 30%) to seamlessly create creative textures for wet, wild or Chinese silk on walls with a muted metallic effect and beautiful overflows created during the application process.

The color card of Dune Opaco is presented in several catalogs and has more than a hundred different colors and shades for decorating rooms in classic and modern styles.

Application of Dune can be done directly on top of Novaprimer, a tinted quartz-based primer, or on top of Novalux E base applied over Decofix (Novacolor) or Idealfix (ABC). Dune usually is applied in 1-2 coats using a roller, trowel or brush. The choice of application tool directly depends on the desired decorative effect, as well as the skills and abilities of the decorator performing the finishing.
Creating a decor with Dune paint is not an overly complicated process and can be carried out by ordinary specialized specialists with minimal experience in the field of decorative finishings.

The finished decor has good characteristics and can be used in harsh environments, but for extra protection we recommend to use Clear Finish, which is specially formulated for the protection of metallic decors such as Dune, Swahili, Luce, etc. Protective material Clear Finish almost does not change the finishing effect and does not "kill" the metallization of the paint.
Clear Finish Monocomponent and Clear Finish Countertop can also be used for absolute surface protection.

Samples of Dune Opaco are presented in our “VOGUE INTERIORS” interior boutique, where you can choose suitable silk and velvet decor for your project and not only buy paints and plasters directly from the importer, but also order wall decor "turnkey" with a guarantee of quality and timing.

If you wish, you can also choose and buy paints and plasters for silk, velvet and velor effects on the wall in our online store, where texture samples from our leading decorators are posted. The advantage of our online store is that you can not only buy paints, but also order wall decor in Kyiv or Ukraine. To do this, you just need to fill out an application in the appropriate section of our online resource.


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