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Electric curtain track Power 541/1

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max 1200 cm
Width / Offset
Profile size:
Артикул: 00000
Accommodation Внутренние
Bend 90 degree bend
Smooth radius bend
Country of origin Italy
Product type Curtain rods for draped curtains
Profile height, (cm) 2,1
Profile width, (cm) 2,9
Brand Mottura
Mount type Ceiling
Concealed installation
Control type Remote controller
Smart House
Touch motion
Type of curtain rod Single
Max fabric weight, kg 28
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electric curtain rod for draped curtains

Electric curtain rods are gaining popularity due to their relative affordability, excellent functionality and the special comfort created in rooms where automatic curtain rods are used.

Founded in 1963, MOTTURA has been developing electric curtain rods for all types of curtains for over two decades. Having enormous experience in producing curtain rods, Mottura offers automatic curtain rods created by considering the latest technologies, many years of experience, and the demands of the modern market.

Motorized curtain rod Power 541/1 is the most modern automatic curtain rod on the world market. The impeccable functionality of the cornice is ensured thanks to its carefully thought-out design. The motor for the Power 541/1 curtain rod and all other components, including the curtain rod profile, are developed by MOTTURA and made in Europe.

Electric curtain rod Power 541/1 is the youngest automatic curtain rod in the line of motorized curtain rods for draped curtains in the 2015 range. The silent curtain rod drive is equipped with a “touch motion” system, which allows you to activate the movement of the curtain rod with your hand simply by pulling the curtain in the desired direction. This is very convenient for commercial premises, where the remote control is not used by default, and this function can also be useful in residential interiors when, when approaching a window, you want to open the curtains without searching for the remote control.

If you need silent electric curtain rods, then Power 541/1 is your choice. It so happens that the sounds from the cornice drive are much quieter than the rustling noise from the soft rubberized roller runners used for this cornice. That is, during the operation of the cornice, you only hear a soft, pleasant rustle from the rolling of the runners along the profile of the cornice and nothing more. The automatic curtain rod Power 541/1 is quieter and softer than any mechanical curtain rod with manual or cord control.

For those who need bent cornices, Power 541/1 will also be useful since the Power cornice profile can be bent along a smooth radius and at an angle of 90 degrees.

The standard mounting of the cornice is a ceiling every 80 cm, but the company’s product range also includes many wall mounting options with different offsets from the wall.

Motorized curtain rod systems POWER 541/1 can be controlled using a radio remote control or radio button, wired button, smart home system, and by hand using the “touch motion” function. Suppose you want to automate the curtaining process. In that case, you can also use the M2NET system from MOTTURA, which allows you to automate the control of electric curtain rods, connect all kinds of weather sensors, and program the curtain rod control according to a calendar or time range.

You can buy electric curtain rods in Kyiv in the VOGUE INTERIORS salon, and you can also order curtain rods with delivery to any point in Ukraine our online store

  • Aluminum alloy cornice profile 6060 T6 UNI 8278.
  • Dimensions of the Power 541/1 curtain rod: Width 29.2 mm; Height 20.4 mm
  • Eaves profile gutter 6 mm.
  • Speed ​​of movement of the curtain fabric: 12 cm/s.
  • DC motor 24Vdc with a power supply with wide-range switch AC 90-250 Vac / DC 24 current - 30 W.
  • Operating noise of the curtain rod system: 32 dB.
  • Minimum bending radius (only with single-channel profile): bend at an angle of 90°: 30 cm along a smooth radius, min. radius: 50 cm
  • Surface finishing of the cornice profile - 541/1: polyester painting in white.
  • Cornice runners made of shockproof thermoplastic with ball bearings.
  • Cornice components made of self-lubricating acetal plastic.
  • white aluminum curtain profile
  • belt art. 5534
  • pair graduation, art. 5580 + 5581
  • digital motor for eaves, art. 5582(5584)
  • connector for a belt, an art. 5585
  • attention, art. 5590
  • sliders every 8-10 cm
  • ceiling fastening, brackets every 80 cm, art. 5234
  • polyethylene packaging
  • WARNING: switch/switch controls and hanging hooks are not included as standard cornices and are supplied separately. Individual equipment is possible and is completed on request.



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    Product type: Curtain rods for draped curtains
    Brand: Mottura
    Mount type: Wall
    Control type: Motorized system
    Max Сurtain rod length: 1500 cm
    Type of curtain rod: Single
    Existence: In stock
    Find out price Compare
    Product type: Curtain rods for draped curtains
    Brand: Mottura
    Mount type: Ceiling
    Inclined installation
    Control type: Button
    Remote controller
    Smart House
    Max Сurtain rod length: 1500 cm
    Type of curtain rod: Single
    Max fabric weight, kg: 100
    Existence: In stock
    Find out price Compare
    Product type: Curtain rods for draped curtains
    Brand: Mottura
    Mount type: Ceiling
    Concealed installation
    Inclined installation
    Control type: Smart House
    Max Сurtain rod length: 800 cm
    Type of curtain rod: Double
    Max fabric weight, kg: 28
    Existence: In stock


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